What are Side Swipe Accidents?

orange county car accident lawyerNot every accident involves a full-on crash between two vehicles. Instead, one vehicle might land a glancing blow on the other, causing the vehicle to lose control and suffer an even more serious accident. If you have been on California’s roads for long enough, chances are you have seen a side swipe accident. According to statistics by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, about 240,000 side-swipe accidents occur each year.

Defining Side Swipe Accidents

At its simplest, a side-swipe collision occurs when the sides of two vehicles make contact with each other. The vehicles can be travelling in the opposite direction but often are travelling in the same direction.

After making contact, one or both drivers can easily lose control of their vehicle, running off the road or into the other lane of traffic. Even if no other collision occurs, a side-swipe accident can cause significant damage to your vehicle and quite possibly result in bodily injuries.

Causes of Side Swipe Accidents

There are many reasons why these accidents occur, but the most typical include:

● A driver tries to change lanes in a multi-lane highway and side swipes someone in his blind spot.
● A driver tries to pass another vehicle and pulls back in front too soon, striking the car it is passing.
● Inclement weather causes a driver to lose control and he slams into the side of a vehicle.
● A distracted driver drifts into the other lane and strikes a vehicle.
● A fatigued driver falls asleep and veers into the other lane.
● An impaired driver misjudges the distance between itself and other vehicles.

Injuries Sustained in Sideswipe Accidents

Some sideswipe accidents will not result in bodily injuries, only damage to the car. But other accidents will cause significant injuries, especially when the vehicles are traveling at high speed and one driver subsequently loses control.

Over-correction is a serious problem in side swipe accidents. A driver who strikes another car might yank the steering wheel to the left or right and suddenly flip over or veer into oncoming traffic. At that point, more serious injuries can occur, such as:

● Broken bones
Traumatic brain injuries
● Nerve damages
● Joint injuries
● Spinal cord injuries
● Head injuries
● Death

Injured motorists will need compensation to help them pay medical bills and replace any income lost because they could not work.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Sideswipe accidents are some of the harder accidents to determine liability for. In a rear-end collision, for example, it is a good bet that the car that struck the other vehicle from behind is to blame for the accident. With a side swipe accident, by contrast, it could often be either driver.

To help your case, you will need quality evidence that shows the other driver did not operate their vehicle with sufficient care and are responsible for the accident. At RMD Law, our Orange County car accident lawyer can look at police reports, inspect your vehicle, and listen to your memories to help find the evidence we need to obtain a favorable settlement.

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