More than a Lawyer

Nicole Hughes Dolle has been more than an attorney for me in my automobile accident case. She always responded to phone calls and I consider her on par with a friend. I was in an auto accident in November 2014 and Nicole was with the law firm I found in the yellow pages. About a year later she moved to another law firm and I trusted her to take my case with her.

Within a few weeks, after she took my case to her new law firm, the case moved very quickly to resolution. Nicole is definitely a people person and I believe she cares far more for the people she represents than strictly looking at the monetary facts and figures. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants a lawyer who is a friend. She really cares about you. She does not try to cut off conversations and explains everything to you concerning your case. She explains everything so a non-legal professional can understand.

Aria Miran
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